Karrots Adventures


Sunshine Coast has some of the best sites to visit in the world. lacking public transport though these sites are hard to get to. LET US MAKE YOUR TRIP EASY.

Don’t worry about taking photos our photographer will handle that.

Don’t worry about feeding yourself, we handle that.

Don’t worry about where to go next our Guides will handle that.

Don’t worry about driving, our Driver does that.


Hotel Pickup around 10am

Soak in the Beautiful nature of Buderim Falls

Get a rush while you climb Mt Beerwah, soak in the beauty at the peak

Cool off your tired bodies at Gardners Falls

Camp out for the night next to the beach


Have some breakfast next the the beach

Hike up towards the peak of Mt Ngungun

Hike towards the 90m waterfall of Kondallia

Cool off in the rock pools.


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Email: karrotsadventures@gmail.com