Famous for its characters, culture, history and ancient landscapes where visitors feel the genuine Aussie embrace of a vast network of welcoming communities.

Home to the rich ribbons of Channel Country floodplains, to the rolling Mitchell grass downs and ancient Spinifex deserts – the landscapes of Outback Queensland offer an incredible variety of experiences, an amazing tapestry of rural Australia. With hidden pockets of almost tropical rainforest; Carnarvon Gorge, Porcupine Gorge, and Boodjamulla National Park (Lawn Hill), to the rugged red desert sands of Windorah, Boulia and Birdsville.

Rivers and waterways thread the landscape. Natural lakes and man-made dams offer tranquillity and beauty. An amazing variety of vegetation and our wonderful native fauna combine to make the natural attractions of Outback Queensland second to none.

Friendly characters, a proud history and a landscape which seems endless – this is Queensland’s Outback. An amazing country of red hills, plains that stretch to eternity, spectacular sunsets and star-studded night skies; the place to enjoy the following experiences:

Learn of the old time characters – the early explorers, drovers and ringers, the men and women who lived and worked in such isolation, the pioneers of an age. McGinness, Baird, Fysh and McMaster, The Reverend John Flynn, Ernest Henry, John Campbell Miles. Learn of the railways, Cobb & Co, the arrival of road trains and the expansion of air travel. Discover an ancient culture long established, learn of Australia’s Indigenous history and explore thousand year old rock art.

Get up close and personal with Australia’s prehistoric past – travel Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. Join an Paleontological dig site to see if you can’t unearth your very own fossil remains, or go in search of more elusive treasures. Fossick for opals and gemstones – rubies, sapphires and semi-precious stones, all of which can be unearthed at any number of designated sites.

Free your inner artist and explore the numerous small galleries of Outback Queensland, which showcase local and regional works. Wander through world class museums celebrating Queensland’s songs, its people and legends, cultures – past and present, science and natural history. They offer a wealth of information and a quiet cool escape on the warmest of days.