Ah yes, the World Heritage Listed K’gari Fraser Island. Famous for many reasons; but the most common has to be the fact that it is the worlds largest sand island.  Home to more than half the worlds freshwater perched lakes and the famous Maheno Shipwreck that has laid to rest on the island since 1935, it’s a national treasure. But it’s not the many informative facts that blow visitors minds; it’s the shear serenity and beauty of this fragile eco system stretching over 125kms. 

K’gari Fraser Island is an amazing place to explore and there are many adventure options available to you but whatever option you choose, it’s all by 4WD. 

There really is nothing like the much loved K’gari Fraser Island and whether you’re keen to get behind the wheel and have a go at 4WDriving or prefer to sit back and be chauffeured there is an option for you.


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Whether you’re a keen 4WDriver or a complete novice, driving on K’gari Fraser Island is heaps of fun. You can either hire a 4WD, bring your own or book a group tour to the Island with a Tour provider. A Tag Along Tour gives you the option to have a go at 4WDriving on Fraser’s famous beaches and inland tracks but with the safety of knowing you tour guide has got your back and you won’t get lost.


It’s a strong argument that Lake McKenzie is the most famous lake in the whole wide world! And its easy to see why when you see her crystal clear water and pure white silica beaches. A lesser known fact is that Lake McKenzie has a sister; Lake Birrabeen which is just as breathtaking but half as crowed. Home to over 15 accessible freshwater lakes and creeks Fraser Island has plenty of swimming and sunbathing spots.

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Whether your camping on the beach or staying in an Eco Holiday Home its totally worth taking a stroll down to the beach at night. With no city lights for hundreds of miles you can clearly see the stars shine brightly in the Milky Way and the phosphorus sparkle in the ocean. Heaps of star constellations light up the night sky and if your lucky enough to visit when the moon is full, the moon rise over the ocean is so special.


The Dingoes on Fraser Island are among the purest left in the whole of Australia. QPWS and the tour operators on Fraser Island work very hard to keep these wild animals protected. Although they can sometimes be a little cheeky and run off with your tim tams for the most part they are charming creatures to observe in their natural environment and if your lucky enough to visit between Sep – Dec you’ll meet the pups as find their feet on the beach.

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