Queensland Rail


For anyone backpacking along Australia’s East Coast, there are dozens of must-see destinations between Sydney and Cairns.

And all of them are accessible via www.queenslandrailtravel.com.au

Customers are able to make bookings from this site as well as gather information on our services and facilities.

So whether you’d like to dive into the Great Barrier Reef or soak up the party atmosphere on the Gold Coast, we’ll help get your holiday off on the right track.

Sydney – Brisbane 14 hours
Brisbane – Maryborough 3.5 hours
Maryborough – Rockhampton 4 hours
Rockhampton – Mackay 5.5 hours
Mackay – Proserpine 2 hours
Proserpine – Townsville 4.5 hours
Townsville – Cairns 7.5 hours
Townsville – Mt. Isa 21 hours
Brisbane – Longreach 24 hours


Website: http://www.queenslandrailtravel.com.au/
Phone: 1800 872 467
Email: reservations@qr.com.au
Upper Central Concourse, 305 Edward Street Brisbane 4001 Queensland


305 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia