In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef lie the 74 tropical islands that make up the Whitsunday Islands. This is where the world famous Whitehaven Beach can be found and you simply can’t visit this stunning place without a visit. Whitehaven Beach’s white silica sand squeaks as you walk and the sun reflecting off the bright turquoise oceans fills you with warm happy thoughts.

From Airlie Beach, the port to paradise you can board a sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands or catch a lift over to one of the many island resorts. Take a cruise, snorkel or scuba dive with the locals, stroll through the bush or kayak the open oceans. If your more of a land dwelling mammal then get off the beaten track and get amongst the rainforest and national park trails on foot or by bike; or simply sit back relax and enjoy soaking up the sun.

Once the sun sets on Airlie Beach, another ambiance embraces the town. You’ll find a thriving energetic bars and nightclubs where backpackers, locals and travellers party together; sometimes until the sun comes up again. 😉

Snorkelling with thousands of colourful fish, a crazy intermit turtle encounter, a crazy few nights out that you will never forget and a cracking photo album that will make all your mates jealous… what more could you want from a Queensland holiday?


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The crab from the Disney Classic, The little Mermaid had it right when he sang ‘Baby its better down where its wetter, under the sea’. Sebastian we hear you made and what better place to get up close and personal with thousands of colourful fish than right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. With 1625 species of fish, 1400 coral reef species, 30 species of whales and dolphins PLUS 6 of the worlds 7 species of turtle even the locals are amazed every time they get in the ocean.


Its no secret that Airlie Beach goes off! With heaps of backpacker meal deals and discounts on drinks Airlie is a cracking place for a night out that won’t put you over your credit limit. Nearly every sailing tour is followed by an after party with cheap pitchers and some classic tunes. With shops open late and beach bars that make great cocktails the bustling town of Airlie Beach was designed with the adventurous backpacker in mind.

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Nothing will make you feel closer to you inner pirate than Sailing the Whitsundays. 74 tropical islands make up the Whitsunday Islands and they are each very different. Some offer 5 start resorts and others 1 start camping but all have their unique charm. Sailing is the only way to get around the islands and each boat offers a different experience with anything thing from 1 to 3 days available.


Not many people realise that Airlie Beach is surrounded by stunning Hinterland, after all the 74 island that now sit in the ocean where once part of the rocky mainland. With a 4WD adventure part, amazing bush walks with ocean views and National Park camping grounds going out bush is a great way to get off the beaten track and enjoy a quieter side of Airlie.

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