Where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Outback. Emu Park and Rockhampton make up part of the Capricorn Coast, a diverse and beautifully breathtakingly part of the world. Enjoy the golden days and balmy evenings of magical sunsets on the mainland or on one of Capricorn Coasts tropical islands. Emu Park is a pristine coastal village unlike its neighbouring City of Rockhampton and together they offer an abundance of activities, dive the Great Barrier Reef, feed the crocodiles, sleep in a swag under the stars and see an original rodeo. Plan your trip well and you can see all this within a couple of days.

Emu Park is an idyllic seaside village with plenty of character and is only a short 30 minute drive from Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia. From Emu Park you can explore the wonderful coastline or take a ferry to Great Keppel Island. It’s a great base and with a little local guidance you can experience a real Aussie Adventure. Take a fishing trip to the reef, spend a night under the stars and fall in love with the real cattle country.

With so many beautiful National Parks and picturesque beaches Emu Park is a great place to stop and take in all that is Australia. Home to the famous Singing Ship sculpture set against a spectacular coastal vista, the monument commemorates the area’s legacy of the historical explorations of Captain James Cook. A gentle sea breeze produces a musical sound through fluted pipes that will be long remembered.


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Step straight into an underwater adventure, and snorkel, dive or hike your way around the Keppel Islands. This area is a paradise of unspoilt bushland, sandy coves, fringing reefs and stunning beaches. With over 20 of the Southern Great Barrier Reef islands right here boasting the best of the reef, pristine white sandy beaches and sparkling blue sea – you’ll be begging to get castaway!! With the protection of a fringing reef, the waters surrounding the Keppels are amazingly calm, making it perfect for all types of water sports such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, water-skiing and tubing. An abundance of tropical fish, and colourful coral fills the water only a short swim off the beach. Ferries depart most days to Great Keppel and a number of charters, day cruises and sailing adventures are also available.


We all love a good steak, unless your a veggie of course but either way its a great experience to meet the real hard workers behind Australia’s cattle industry. With Rockhampton being the Beef Capital of Australia, spending a night under the stars is an amazing way to discover Beef Country at its finest. With beautiful views of the local mountains and the surrounding country side, spend the evening by the fire, camping in swags and enjoying countless hours of gazing at the country diamond night sky. In the morning, take in the breathtaking sunrise over the mountains, feed the farm animals, and discover the local indigenous history with amazing bush walks!!

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There are fun filled adventures for all budgets in this little pocket of Queensland paradise but Koorana Crocodile Farm comes in as one of the best. You’ll see Australia’s own living dinosaurs in the flesh, hold a baby ‘croc’ and watch the big ’salties’ at feeding time. Explore the National Parks and discover a multitude of wildlife, surrounding the Coast and Emu Park. Close by, the Turtle Walk is a favourite of most visitors. Rockhampton offers a chance to explore the lush grounds of Botanic Gardens – regarded as one of the best in regional Australia. Explore incredible and unique limestone caves – whether it’s a walkthrough or a wild caving adventure, this is an experience not to be missed!Light meals and coffee are a must at the Gardens Tearooms or explore the Rockhampton Zoo, home to over 50 species of Australian native and exotic animals. You can get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, dingos and emus for FREE!!!