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To Live On Magnetic Island

If we could stay one place forever, it might be Magnetic Island off Townsville. It was amazing, and felt like an exotic paradise.


We stayed in Bungalow Bay, which is a backpackers in the middle of the forest with small bungalows, an outdoors bar, and swimming pool. It was like heaven.

There was even a koala sanctuary, which was so special to see, as well as the wild kangaroos jumping around the place. We felt like we were in a film.

This was a great area to spend a lot of time outdoors and we visited Horseshoe Bay where you can rent a sea kayak, and end the day with a drink watching the sunset. We also loved Fort Walk which has amazing views over the different bay, and here we saw even more wild koalas.


We also spent some time snorkelling around the ocean reefs, and diving which was so beautiful. Another location we loved diving at was at Mission Beach.

This was also our second time skydiving and we landed right on the beach. We would love to do this again so we can take the time to soak up the view of the Great Barrier Reef.


All the regions of Queensland we have visited so far amaze us, and it is impressive to think they are all part of the one state. We can’t wait for our next adventure.