Backpacker Essentials List For Exploring Queensland

Backpacker Essentials List For Exploring Queensland

Backpacking across Australia is an adventure of a lifetime, and with the climate and landscape changing across each state, it can be difficult to know what to pack.

Queensland boasts some of the most varied landscape in the country, from the tropical north, coastal east, desert central areas, and mild south.

We decided to put together our Backpacker Essentials List for exploring Queensland.

To start with the obvious items, you should always pack:

  • Backpack – this is one of the most important parts of backpacking. Be sure to shop around and find one that is easy to carry, holds a lot, and is super sturdy
  • Mobile phone – preferably unlocked so you can use an Australian sim card
  • Student card – for great discounts
  • Camera (or a mobile phone with a good camera) – you will want to remember every part of your journey; and don’t forget to pack spare memory cards or make sure you backup your photos as you go
  • Sunscreen – at least 30 SPF, more if you are not used to the sun
  • Mozzie spray – there are a range of natural insect repellants available in Australia
  • Your passport – be sure to pack a photocopy in a different section of your bag, as well as a scanned version emailed to yourself
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Day bag/backpack

Now for some of the more interesting items to include:

  • Shoes – thongs (otherwise known as flip flops), trainers and comfortable sandals/dress shoes
  • Sunglasses – you’ll need a good pair with UV protection (Australian sun is harsh)
  • Hat – a comfortable and protective one
  • Sleeping bag – depending on what kind of backpacking you are intending to do, you may need a portable sleeping solution. Opt for a bag that is lightweight but warm, and can roll up into a tiny package
  • Sarong, sheet or towel – consider packing one of these items as they can be used for multiple things (sheet, pillowcase, skirt or something to lie on at the beach or on picnics)
  • Portable phone charger – these battery packs will come in handy while trekking across our great state
  • Multi-tool – you never know when you will need a tiny pair of scissors, a corkscrew, nail file or knife… it’s good to always be prepared
  • Water bottle with filter – drinking water is an essential, and having the security and peace of mind of a filter means you will have more options
  • Earplugs and eye mask – these will come in handy at backpackers and while trying to catch some sleep while travelling
  • Playing cards – great entertainment when you’re with others
  • Journal or note pad
  • A good book – if you finish reading, you can find book swaps at many backpackers and cafes
  • A water/wind resistant jacket – for windy, rainy and cold days exploring and traveling or nights in the backpackers
  • A versatile and comfortable pair of swimmers/board shorts