Aussie Slang Guide Beach Edition

Aussie Slang Guide (Beach Edition)

So you’ve arrived in Australia and headed for the beach, only to encounter the special way we Aussies drop a few syllables.

This is our special beach edition of understanding Aussie Slang – beach style.

  • Arvo: Afternoon
  • Bathers/Cozzie: Swimming costume, swimwear
  • Boardies: Boardshorts
  • Booger: Body boarder
  • Budgy Smuggler: Men’s speedo style swimwear
  • Deadset: The truth
  • Defo: Short for definitely
  • Eskie: Ice cooler, ice box
  • Going Off: Something that is going very well
  • Grommet: Someone new to surfing
  • Mate’s Rates: Discount
  • Nipper: Junior life saver
  • Ripper: Great
  • Ripping: Something done well, usually surfing
  • Shark Biscuit: Usually an amateur surfer
  • Shout: Someone’s turn to buy the drinks
  • Stubbie: Bottle of beer
  • Sunnies: Sunglasses
  • Thongs: Shoes, flip flops
  • Yew!: When you are excited